Monday, September 7, 2009

Ah Tony, how I laughed when you posted all of the books about the Riftwar Saga . I got the first four correct and loved them . I have just finished the fifth book which is called Prince Of the Blood.No it is not in the order that you posted but It has some old friends in it and it is the story Of Prince Arutha's twin sons becoming Men while uncovering a plot in Kesh to overthrow the Empress who rules there.They come home to take their own place in the kingdom when the time comes. Now since I want to know what to read next I go to Raymond Feists homepage which is a maze within a maze.As I search all of the books I find that most of them say It does not pertain to the main story. So as much as I loved the ones I read I think I will pass on all of the others for now.Although the stand alone book Faerie tale sounds good. My next post will be the review of the Shadow March series in the anticipation of the 3rd book hopefully being released soon. I think I will give my brain a rest now and read Wizards a collection of short stories by Gaiman , Williams and Orson Scott Card among others ..