Friday, August 21, 2009

A Test Blog

Wow my first attempt at blogging .It is almost like writting a letter to yourself. This is about books, but I need to test the waters first and this post is it. I love to read ,been doing it since I was a kid. I remember in the fifth grade I was in a special reading group and I was allowed to pick a new book every week from a special box that was above my grade level at the time. I will never forget how excited I was .
Anyway I had nothing to read and someone had left a box of books at work and I picked up this book called the Name Of the Wind by Patrick Roftuss. I can only say Wow. A Harry Potter book for adults.I felt a whole new genre opened up for me. Fantasy fiction. !!! I was tired of the mysteries,intrigue , literature pop fiction I have been reading. So Tony recommends Tad Williams and out I go to the bookstore .8 Tad Williams ,5 George RR Martin 6 Robin Hobb and 4 Raymond Feist (waiting in the wings) books , I feel like its Christmas every day.
But I need to revise when I say that its a new genre for me because I am a huge Stephen King Fan and I have be reading Gaimen , Clive Barker , Rice and others like them for yrs , and they also delve into Fantasy but these just feel different . I also love it that the story continues and since I am new at this I can read all of the books at once instead of having to wait for yrs like you hard core fans... I think I have written enough for my first time so here it comes!!
P.S how did I do Tony